• Conflictfood ensures a cozy winter

    Cozy Winter for the Children at “Paiwand-e-Noor” in Kabul In autumn 2016 we were able to bring the first percentage of donation to our partner educational institution in Afghanistan. It is a beautiful feeling to know that the money is directly transferred to a place where it is really needed and valued. Many times you [...] More  →
  • Back Flips on the Ruins of Kabul

    Afghanistan’s youth is rebelling against economic and social ruin. In the capital Kabul a group of youngsters joined together using their whole bodily strength to run into a new future. Something is changing in Kabul. A group of youngsters refuse to accept a status of unemployment and a hopeless future. The Kabul Parkour Boys – …

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  • The Home of Peace ‘Paiwand-e-Noor’

    Investing in education Children are the future of every country. Therefore their education is one of the most sustainable projects that a society can invest into – but only if there are any sources of funding. Conflictfood is investing a share of the sales revenues in educational projects at the countries of origin. Personally, we …

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